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Spiritual Disciplines Continued

March 30th, 2009

This week, I’m happy to report there’s more good stuff from IBD.

Matt Coombe released Spiritual Disciplines Part 3: Memorization, a continuation of the ongoing Spiritual Disciplines series. In case you missed it, Spiritual Disciplines Part 2: Meditation is still available.

These lectures cover not only Matt’s personal thoughts and ideas for embracing scripture in both your heart and mind, but also relates many personal stories about his struggles and triumphs with learning and knowing the Word of God.

If you are interested in hearing how to really and truly learn, embrace, and love the Word of God, and through it, transform your heart, your mind, and then your life, this series is a must! Put in on your iPod. Take it for a walk. Listen at the gym. Just don’t miss out!

Also on the menu is “Refuting Mormonism part 2“, another episode of “The Christian World View”. This weeks topic is the third of three major issues this series focuses on.

Have Mormon friends and want to be an effective witness? Need to gently guide them through their own false belief systems and into the truth? This two part series is sure to give you the tools you need to cover the basics of their beliefs and how to remove the “stumbling stones” between them and considering Christ.

More lectures on the World Today

March 30th, 2009

As the current lecture series continues, Matt and Dr. Fernandes begin two new subjects:

Refuting Mormonism (part I)

Spiritual Disciplines (part I)

Once again Matt hosts while Dr. Fernandes provides expert insight and opinions. Hopefully, you’ll discover something new.