High School Level Worldviews Overview

October 9th, 2014

Everyone has a worldview. A worldview describes how we see man and his place in the universe. Is the universe all there is or is there more? Are humans special creatures or are we merely animals? How do our answers to these questions affect the way we act and think? What do I really believe?

Some atheists claim not to have a worldview; That a worldview is a philosophical or religious things. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you believe, for example, that the universe is all there is, that creates a worldview where man is essentially an animal. And that has serious moral and ethical implications.

So how do high school kids get a handle on such a complex topic? What kind of worldviews are out there and which are they likely to confront?

In response to these important questions, the Institute is offering an inexpensive certificate program targeted towards teenagers who want answers but may not have any. The program consists of 4 classes. Each class is 10 weeks long and includes readings from some of the best authors in Christian apologetics.

Conveniently, most of the works are available in either physical, electronic, or audio format, and before beginning a new author, a video introduction is provided to give some background on the author and an overview of what you can expect to find in the selected readings.

At the end of each class, each student will be expected to provide a 5 page paper on each of the readings. What was the author trying to say? What arguments did they make? In addition, since we want to encourage personal application, we also require a 10 page introspective paper on each class. It should discuss how the student plans to personally utilize the information from the class as well as how it will benefit their own walk with Christ.

The four classes in this course are:

Christianity and Philosophy

  • Love Your God with All Your Mind by J.P. Moreland
  • Defending your Faith by R.C. Sproul

Christianity and Missions

  • Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, 4th ed., by Ralph D. Winter

(only 1 book for class and only one 10 page final paper required)

Origins Studies

  • Unraveling the Origins Controversy by David A. DeWitt
  • One Human Family: The Bible, Science, Race and Culture by Carl Wieland

Studies in Post-Modern Church Movements

  • Truth and the New Kind of Christian: The Emerging Effects of Postmodernism in the Church by R. Scott Smith
  • The Disappearance of God by R. Albert Mohler, Jr


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